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Ten Things To Do Instead of Binge Eating

While we all reach for food for many different reasons, there are big consequences associated with binge eating. Various health problems and obesity are just a few bad things that can happen to a person that binges regularly. Below are some suggestions of what you can do the next time you want to binge eat. Try some of these to get your mind off of food. 1. Go for a walk. If you have a dog, take him/her with you. Try to really take in everything beautiful […]

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I Have Binge Eating Disorder Now What?

Are you sick and tired of wondering if your eating habits are normal? What about pondering over and over again why you feel like you aren’t fully capable of having the potential to take control of your life? Are you the type of person that finds comfort in food? Does food numb your feelings and make you forget about life for a moment? Do you eat when you are not even hungry? Do you stuff yourself full until you feel sick? If so, you may have Binge […]

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Can Affirmations End Binge Eating Disorder

It is proven that affirmations help to reprogram one’s mind. When one repeats an affirmation over and over, the subconscious picks up on it as the present reality. Does this mean that people have the ability to completely turn around their life as they know it? In one word: yes. You can co-create your world to your own specifications. You want a better relationship? Start telling yourself that you deserve it. Once you have heard this for so long, your mind will not settle for anything else. […]

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